Ravine of Karavas

It is located in the northern part of Kythira in the village of Karavas. It is a green village surrounded by ravines with tall plane trees, in which abundant mineral water flow non-stop. There are many springs in these ravines, the most famous of which are those of Amir Ali and Keramari.

The “orange tree valley” is an area in the ravine, in which it is said that there was a very large orange tree, which each year yielded thousands of oranges. Many songs and “mantinades” have been written about this orange tree.

In the valley of the orange tree, the inhabitants of Karavas have made orchards, producing various fruits and vegetables and of course many orange trees with delicious fruits.

The access to the ravine is relatively easy as there is a marked trail, while the source of Portokalia (Orange tree) can be reached by a narrow paved trail.

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