Kipriotianika, (Drimonari)

Kypriotianika or Drymonari is a beautiful, relatively hilly town in Kythira. It is built on the side of a high hill in the center of the island. Their houses are built so that you can enjoy panoramic views of unique landscape changes.
In the central square of the town, known by the locals as “Chigoura”, an old mansion reminds us that once this square was full of life. Around “Chigoura” there are several houses, most of them uninhabited with the signs of time evident on them.
A green plain lies at the bottom of the hill with a small stream that runs in the winter months and many orchards around it. The locals know it as “Koumouna”, that is, a place with many wells that are full of water all year round. Here is still the Kamari, another fountain in the form of a traditional building (kamara) with washing machines around it where housewives used to wash clothes.

The course of the waters of the Koumouna river ends in a difficult gorge in which current waters sprout with small waterfalls, which at some point join two others, (Trilagado), ending in the Mitata source.

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