Local products

Kythera has a small – non-industrialized – production, while the non-use of chemicals makes their local products particularly tasty, healthy, pure and above all of high quality.

The well-known and internationally awarded Honey of Kythira has maintained its high quality for many years and is considered one of the best worldwide. It is a product of the island’s unique beekeeping flora, which is rich in herbs and especially thyme. You will find it in many places from local beekeepers, and a beekeeping cooperative has been set up to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained.

Kythira also produces high quality extra virgin and organic olive oil. They are completely natural products, produced from the island’s dehydrated liophytes and received exactly as they come out of the olive press, without any processing or admixture. In recent years, agricultural cooperatives as well as several private olive producers standardize and make available these fine products in Greece and abroad.

Wine and Tsipouro
The wine of Kythira is usually dry and has a red or blonde color. Local varieties are considered Petrolanos and Arikaras. Its production is small and it is released in limited quantities on the market. In Kythera there are small wineries where you can get it. The island also produces a tasty tsipouro which is the basis of the well-known Tsirigotic drink, “Faturada”, a type of tsipouro enriched with sugar and cinnamon cloves.

Salt blossom
One of the excellent local products of the island is the pure and unprocessed Kythera salt, (anthos), from the rocks of Kythera. Its collection is a difficult and laborious task undertaken by the inhabitants of Kythira. Its taste literally lifts the flavors in food and salads while it is very rich in iodine.

Delicious creations

Oil rusks of Kythira
The products of the traditional bakeries that operate on the island are particularly tasty. The now well-known Tsirigotiko ladopaximado stands out with its various variations, which is made with the centuries-old traditional recipe. For many it is superior in taste to any other traditional Greek nut. Due to its taste and quality, it is now sold in department stores throughout Greece and in selected health food stores abroad.

Kythira sausages
The delicious local sausages of the island are handmade, unlike any other, of mountainous, lowland or island origin. and are sold in the island’s butchers. They are particularly tasty and are an excellent local meze.

Useful information

Look for all of the above in the local bazaars of the island where the producers also stock fine cheese products as well as pure fruit and vegetable products of the Kythira land, as well as in the local shops.

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