Local products

Kythira has a small – non-industrial – production, while the non-use of chemicals makes their local products particularly delicious, healthy, pure and above all qualitative.


Honey & Olive oil

The main one is the internationally known and award-winning Honey of Kythira that for many years maintains its high quality and is considered one of the top in the world. It is a product of the unique beekeeping flora of the island which is rich in herbs and mainly in thyme. You will find it in many places by local beekeepers, while a beekeeping cooperative has been established that ensures the maintenance of the product’s quality.

Kythira also produces high quality extra virgin and organic olive oil. They are completely natural products, produced from the arid olive groves of the island that are received exactly as they come out of the olive mill, without any processing or admixture. In recent years, agricultural cooperatives and several private olive growers standardize and sell their fine products in Greece and abroad.

Olive oil rusks of Kythira

The products of the traditional bakeries that operate on the island are particularly tasty. The now famous Tsirigotiko oil rusk stands out with its various variations, which is made with the traditional recipe of centuries. For many it is superior in taste than any other traditional Greek rusk. Due to its taste and quality, it is now sold in department stores throughout Greece and in selected health food stores abroad.

Wine delights the heart

The wine of Kythira is usually dry and has a red or blonde color. Petrolanos and Arikaras are considered local varieties. Its production is small and it is available in limited quantities in the market. In Kythira there are small wineries from which you can get it. The island also produces delicious tsipouro which is the basis of the famous Tsirigotiko liqueur, "Fatourada", a type of tsipouro enriched with sugar and cinnamon cloves.

Special flavors

One of the exceptional local products of the island is the pure and unprocessed salt (flower) of Kythira, from the rocks of Kythira.

Mention should also be made of the delicious local sausages sold in the butcher shops of the island, which do not look like any other, of mountain, plain or island origin.

Sweet temptations

Among the traditional sweets Rozedes which are based on Kythira honey, with almonds and sugar stand out and also Pastitseto, a famous dessert of the island made from fresh butter, vanilla and quince and mill Pasta***, (because the almonds were ground in the mill). Xerotigano is also a wonderful local dessert with crispy leaf, thyme honey, sesame and cinnamon. Finally, the spoon sweets with old recipes from Kytherian housewives are also exceptional, such as chopped quince, grape, watermelon, and of course almonds, the well-known mandoles, as they are called in Kefalonia, and jams from apricot, orange, peach, cherry plum etc.

The summer fruits from dry (arid) gardens, such as watermelons and melons are particularly tasty. Also the local peaches (local variety also known as “Aphrodite’s breast”), figs, prickly pears and the local dried vine beans from which the black-eyed peas are made.

Τοπικά προϊόντα

Ask about all this in the local markets of the island in which the producers also have fine cheese products as well as pure fruits and vegetables of the land of Kythira.

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